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Mantayupan Falls – Falls In Barili, Cebu

Mantayupan Falls

Some traveller are looking for another water falls in Cebu south. I know about Mantayupan Falls from my dear  friends. It is located at Campangga, Barili, Cebu South.
Me and my friends went there and we hired a car from, based on my experience, Mantayupan is really nice, it has  98 meters or 321.518ft long.


Tips and Guide

It is best to go there on weekdays if you want less crowd and of course if you want to take  good pictures without photo bombers you should go there on weekdays. I am sure you don’t like photo bombers in your photos for instagram or facebook. Travel time from Cebu City to Mantayupan is more or less 2 hours,  it depends the driving skills of the driver and the traffic situation. Don’t worry the road going to Mantayupan is good, not roughy roads like the face of your friend, lol..kidding. When you arrived there, you are going to pay the entrance fee Php30 per head if Filipino,  Php40 per head if Foreign or Non Filipino. You may also rent a life vest for Php20 per head if you want to swim, it is mandatory, you can’t swim without the life vest. 


About Mantayupan Falls

Take note, before you reach the Mantayupan Falls you are going to walk more or less 5 minutes from entrance and cross the hanging bridge, the bridge is nice and some people will get scared. Don’t worry besh, the bridge is durable. You may take photos in the bridge just this one.. pak na pak besh, 

When you reached Mantayupan Falls, you can  take photos  and swim. There’s available bamboo raft there, so if you want to use the bamboo rafting, you may pay Php100 per head with guide.

You may stay there as long as you want. Mantayupan falls will be closed up to 7pm. So you should get early.


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Just when you thought you have seen everything Cebu has to offer, wait until you experience the Moalboal Island hopping.Moalboal Island hopping has become one of the most sought after tourist activities in Cebu. It is beginning to catch up with the famous whale shark watching activity of Oslob. The serene municipality of Moalboal is located in the southwestern part of the island. It is roughly 3 hours away from Cebu City, depending on the traffic from Carcar. Despite its distance, its prime location makes it one of the best island hopping destination in Cebu.


The Moalboal Island hopping starts off the tour by visiting the isolated but lovely Pescador Island. The seemingly lonely island is of one the main highlights of the island hopping activity. Pescador Island is located just a few miles off the coast of Moalboal town. It is considered as one of Cebu’s world-class dive sites due to its varied and mesmerizing species of corals and marine life underneath the deep blue waters. Beneath Pescador Island lies an entirely different world of majestic and colorful sea flora and fauna. Frist time divers and professional ones will surely have a remarkable experience.



The next in the island hopping itinerary is the Turtle Bay. The famous Turtle Bay is known as one of the best diving resorts in Moalboal. It is obviously known for and named after the presence of sea turtles in the area. Turtle Bay offers dive packages complete with skilled local dive masters who will guide you around the reefs, show you around the amazing marine life in the area, and help you catch a glimpse of the elusive but amazing sea turtles. The resort call this activity the Turtle Bay Hunting where guests swim for minutes to get a sight of the turtles. Do not miss the chance to take a selfie with these friendly sea creatures.



Finally, the most awaited and most Instagram-worthy part of the Moalboal Island hopping is the Million Sardines Run. The boat will take you to the deep waters of Moalboal where they say that up to ten million sardines swim together in the sea. This breathtaking activity literally takes you to swim with these fish which move perfectly together as if dancing in the sea. The activity is literally breathtaking as one has to be quick and agile in water to follow the sardines around.

One last part of the island hopping is the Dolphin Watching. However, it is never a guarantee to find a dolphin every day as their appearances depend on the weather and many other factors. But if you are lucky enough, you will be mesmerized as they greet you by jumping and swimming around in the ocean. It is surely the best way to cap off a long day of island hopping.

If you want to experience this you may book the affordable cebu tour packages of South Shore Cebu Tours.

Kawasan Falls, Badian

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is probably the most popular and most instagrammed waterfalls in Cebu. We wouldn’t be surprised as Kawasan has truly lived up to its fame. Tourists have never been disappointed with their long travel to Cebu just to see this natural wonder of magnificently tiered turquoise waters.

The famous Kawasan Falls located in the municipality of Badian which is three hours south of Cebu City. For most tourists, they avail of the canyoneering activity in Badian which will eventually lead them to jump off the cliffs of Kawasan Falls.


Things To Do In Kawasan Falls,

The canyoneering activity is supervised by well-trained guides in the area. They also serve as the photographer of the group. If the weather is not good or the waters seem unfit for canyoneering, the guides will advise for a different or safer route. Tourists are always asked to wear a helmet and life vest for protection. Shoes or sandals fit for canyoneering are very much recommended. The actual starting point of the canyoneering activity is at Canlaob, Alegria. From Badian, a habal-habal ride will take you to Alegria. You will stop at the Alegria Tourism Center for registration before finally heading to your starting point. And as mentioned earlier, the end of the canyoneering trail is at Kawasan Falls.


Adventure In Kawasan Falls

Kawasan has many level of waterfalls. The first one is the largest of the three but is not allowed for jumping for safety reasons. It is usually the most crowded area also as many people try to experience the waterfalls through renting bamboo rafts. Life vests are also available for rent.

A few minutes of hike will take you to the second falls where the canyoneering trail. The activity usually ends with a jump on the waterfall cliff. There is also a swing nearby if the cliff jump is still not enough fun.

The third tier is more of a collection of small cascading bodies of water. There is a cliff nearby where canyoneering participants run and jump into the waters.

There are restaurants in Kawasan so you won’t worry about bringing any food. However, prices are not cheap since the poblacion is quite far and these areas can be very crowded. Resources spike up when there is a decrease in supply. Make sure to ask first the prices so you won’t get too surprised upon paying the bill. There are also cottages or rooms in the area which range up to 1,500-2,500php and tables for rent which are around 500php.

Kawasan may be quite pricey now but the experience is definitely worth your time and money. Try visiting them on weekdays on ono-holidays where you can enjoy the place with less people.

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Sumilon Island, Oslob

Sumilon Island Oslob

Oslob has become one of Cebu’s most sought after tourist destinations, thanks to its popular whale shark encounter activities in the area. But this is not the only reason why the small municipality attracts almost hundreds of tourists every day. Oslob is also known to have been blessed by many natural wonders and beauty. One of them is the famous Sumilon Island.

To get to Sumilon, you must hop on a boat from one of Oslob’s many seaside resorts or drop off points. The boatman will take you to Sumilon Island. Best if you are with a group or you find others who are going so that the cost will be shared. The boat ride will be approximately 15 – 20 minutes. On usual days, they waves are calm and quiet.

The Sumilon Sand Bar

Since it is not such a far travel, you will immediately know if you are near the island once you the sparkling white sand bar that stretches out into the ocean greets you. Once you arrive in the island, you can’t help but be mesmerized at its pristine beaches and beautiful azure waters. The island’s white sandbar is arguably one of the most perfect sandbars in the country. The stretch of white sand expands out into the sea.  During high tide, the sandbar would be submerged in the crystal waters but will remain visible at all time.

Sumilon Island is mostly managed and maintained by the Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort. They offer overnight stays and day tour packages at reasonable rates. The resort is also famous for its glamping (glamorous camping) tents that are surprisingly spacious and well furnished. They have various island life activities such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking, island trekking, and fish feeding. Or if you want, you can simply chill at the sandbar until your skin is sun kissed. But unless you would only like to visit the famous Sumilon Sandbar for a short period like many tourists do, you can just pay the resort a small fee for the entrance. Also, make sure to bring your own food if you don’t have plans to eat a buffet lunch at the resort

The best time to visit the island is in the morning. Take your time sun bathing in the sandbar while enjoying its majestic view. You can also swim into the ocean and dive into the sea floor where colorful fishes and corals will greet you.

You should never miss the opportunity to visit Sumilon when you drop by Oslob. Aside from the Whale Shark encounter, Sumilon’s charm will surely make the trip remarkable. Book

Oslob Whale sharks Swimming

Oslob Whale sharks Swimming

Imagine the lovely sun and the white sand shores. Imagine the dark blue sea and its calm waves. Imagine swimming with the whale sharks in these crystal waters as if almost touching them.

Well, imagine no more. Oslob will take you to see these wonderful whale sharks which are locally known in the region as “butandings”.

The whale shark is largest known fish species in the world. They are quite slow because of their size. They simply feed by filtering the sea that they swim through. Whale sharks are mostly see in open waters of tropical oceans. As such, the warm-temperate seas throughout the year in Oslob has made it a perfect place for the Whale sharks to visit.

Oslob has grown to become one of Cebu’s most popular tourist destinations because of its famous Whaleshark Encounter activities. Despite the municipality’s serene landscape, Oslob is bustling with the flock of tourists coming in to visit every day.


Tourists Around the World

Because of the number of local and foreign tourists coming in, the local government had to regulate the visits to protect these gentle sea creatures. They deploy trained staff to the visiting area and make sure that the boatmen have equal opportunities in ferrying the tourists to the sea. Tourists must pay a fee of P 500.00 or P 1,000.00 for locals or foreigners respectively. We know the fee seems quite a lot but getting that perfect underwater selfie with the Whaleshark is certainly worth it.


Guidelines for Whale sharks Encounter

When you get to the area, you will be given an orientation about what will happen. Listen carefully to the dos and don’ts or you might end up paying some penalties. You can pay the fee I mentioned earlier before or after the orientation. After which, you choose your life vest and patiently wait for your turn to get on a boat. Other swimming equipment are also available for a rental fee. Best if you bring your own items with you just to be sure.

The boat is quite small so the waves will feel strong. Once you are in the designated area, the fishermen will call upon the Whale sharks by luring them with some food. As mentioned earlier, once they arrive and you are now in the sea, never miss the opportunity to take an underwater selfie with the awesome Whale sharks.

Finally, you do not need to imagine everything anymore as Oslob holds the key to seeing your dream sea creature. Oslob holds a special place with Whale sharks and you will sure do too.

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