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Affordable Van Rentals In Cebu City

Van rental in Cebu City is here. Thinking about on how to save money when you tour around the Cebu City or even in Cebu south like Oslob whale sharks and many more? The best option is a Van Rental service.

We offer the most reasonable price of Van rentals in Cebu, the prices may varies to your destinations. We usually offer DOT and accredited vans with complete papers for you safety and to avoid inconvenience in the roads and with pro driver and with fuel package.

Services and Itineraries

We offer exclusive service for your group, the itineraries we follow is your request. Once we settle and agreed the itinerary, driver guide will now serve you to fulfill your travel itinerary.

Van rentals in Cebu City.  Available itineraries are Oslob whale shark, Cebu city tour, Simala Cebu,  Kawasan Falls, Moalboal and many more

Most best selling and most requested itineraries based on our costumers are;

  • Cebu City Tour and Cebu Twin City Tour (Cebu and Mactan)
  • Oslob Whale shark Watching Tour
  • Simala Shrine Cebu Tour
  • Cebu Safari and Adventure Park
  • Bohol Countryside Tour
  • Kawasan and Moalboal Island Hopping Tour
  • Osmena Peak Tour
  • Cebu Mountain Tour
  • and many many more….

We have also Pick up and Drop Off from;

  • Mactan Airport to your Hotel in Cebu City or Mactan or vice versa
  • Mactan International Airport to your Hotel in Oslob, Moalboal or any where in Cebu south.
  • Airport to Cebu Pier or vice versa and many more, we can accommodate your requests. Please contact us for lowest Van for rent Cebu.
We offer also Pick and drop off from  hotel to Mactan Airport and vice versa.

We can also cater weddings, daily rates of Van and Car service, per hour rates, or your random thoughts while roaming the city. Our Van rental are with driver and fuel package for your safety and convenience.

TELEPHONE: (032) 266-4088

Cebu to Kalanggaman Island: The Paradise of Happiness and Relaxation

Find here the best Cebu to Kalanggaman Island travel guide, Summer is just a month away. All of us are now looking for the best spot to go to during the vacation. It is again the time where almost all of us, especially the backpacker ones, are too excited of going to a place that can give us the best vacation trip we deserve amid our daily routine in the busy metro.


Of course, since it’s summer time, most of us wants to go to an island with pristine waters and fine white sands. Not only that, we are also looking for a place that’s something cozy, but a budget-friendly.

Located in Palompon in the province of Leyte, lies a fascinating and enthralling island named Kalanggaman. This island became famous because of its stretched powdery white sandbar and its crystal clear and pristine beach water.

kalanggaman island
kalanggman island

Kalanggaman Island has now become the top tourist destination in the province of Leyte and Cebu after a cruise ship have passed by in the said island to let their guests took some rest under the shade provided by the palm tress in Kalanggaman Island.

On the other hand, the name Kalanggaman Island is came from the Visayan term “Langgam” which means “Bird.” Kalanggaman as it is known to the locals because this island has become the resting area of the different species of birds.


26 Best Tourist Spots to Visit in Cebu – Cebu Travel Guide

Cebu is one of the most visited places in the Philippines. This island in the Central Visayas region really has a lot to offer. From historic places down to its hidden gems, Cebu proves that this island deserves to be called as the Queen City of the South. So, if you are planning to spend some of your time in Cebu, here are the 26 spots that you need to visit.



Located at the heart of Cebu City, is a house, presently called as “Casa Gorordo” that was built in the 1850s and originally owned by Alejandro Reynes y Rosales. The house was then bought by a merchant from Vizcaya in Spain named Isidro Gorordo, and four generations of the Gorordo family have lived in this house, and this includes the first Filipino bishop of Cebu named Juan Gorordo. That is where the present name came from.

Casa Gorordo majestically serves as a definite illustration of the Spanish colonial era house locally known as “Balay nga Tisa” or in English, “House with tiled roof”. This Cebu Casa Gorordo Museum is also made of coral stone blocks, and molave hardwood flooring.

The unique architectural design of Casa Gorordo Museum, combines both native Spanish and Chinese influences which entices hundreds of tourists who visit in the city. You can also see variety of century-old paintings that are mounted and displayed inside the said museum. Also, the blending of the cultures from east and west is referred to “mestizo” that defines the character and identity of Filipinos.

Inside of Casa Gorordo Museum Cebu are the artifact collections that reflects the Cebuanos’ lifestyle from the late 1800s until the pre-World War II era. Also, there are Casa Gorordo Museum merchandise that are not available and cannot be found from any stores around the city.

2. Temple of Leah

Temple of Leah is a 45-minute drive away from the city’s car line and is one of the most visited tourist spots in the city.

The magnificent Temple of Leah is located in Busay, Cebu City and covers a land area of about 5, 000 square meters, and seven storeys high. Its structure is inspired by ancient Roman architecture intact with Doric columns made of granite. The building and its corners are also adorns with various Grecian statues.

3. Ten Thousand Roses

10K Roses is not just an ordinary café like the one that you have been into. What makes it different from other cafes in Cebu, is because of its modern industrial look with a roof deck where guests and al-fresco diners can see an overlooking view of the ocean, mangrove forest, and the ever-changing skyline or a sun set. Also, Cebu 10K Roses is filled with white artificial roses planted on both sides of the concrete foot-path that will lead the guests to the main dining area. Even though these plants are just artificial flowers, when you look at it from afar, it’s like a field full of white roses that dances slowly together with the wind.

On the other hand, this café might be located in the metro, guests can still feel the cool breeze of the air because of its wide-open area planted with ten thousand white artificial roses that are being lit-up at night. These 10K roses that are planted makes the view even more beautiful in the cold evening. After the sun sets, these roses serve as a romantic light for those who are into hanging out and star-gazing on the seaside.

4. Colon Street or Dalan Colon

Dalan Colon as it is know to Cebuanos is considered as the oldest and longest street in the Philippines. This historical street in Cebu City was built by the Spaniards during the time of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi.

This street was named after Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) and now became the heart of the city as it glitters during night time lined with movie houses, restaurants, department stores and other commercial businesses. Universities were also built in the said street.

Colon has also been the place where cultural events first arise and witnessed the ups and downs of Cebu’s economic and political competence up since then, up until now.

5. Magellan’s Cross

This significant icon holds the most important role when it comes to Christianity especially to Cebuanos. Magellan’s Cross is planted by the Portuguese and Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan upon their arrival in Cebu on March 15, 1521, and on the same day, marks the birth of Christianity in the land.

The historical cross is now enclosed under a Spanish-styled pavilion, few meters away from the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño.

6. Basilica del Santo Niño

This church is considered to be the most sacred and holiest place in Cebu City. This is where the miraculous image of the holy child Sto. Niño lies. It is also known as the oldest Roman Catholic church in the country and built on the spot where the image of Sto. Niño was found during the expedition of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi.

7. The Heritage of Cebu Monument

This monument is a tableau of sculptures made of concrete, bronze, brass, and steel that exhibits scenes about the events and structures related to the history of Cebu.

The structures that can be seen in the monument are the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, St. John the Baptist Church, Magellan’s Cross, and Spanish Galleon.

While the scenes are the baptism of Rajah Humabon, procession of Santo Niño, Roman Catholic Mass, and the Battle of Mactan.

The monument is located in the Parian District and is few meters away from the Yap-San Diego Ancestral House.

8. Yap-San Diego Ancestral House

This ancestral house in Parian, Cebu City is said to be the very first Chinese house built outside of China. The Yap-San Diego Ancestral House was built during the Spanish colonial era in the country where the Chinese where required to live in the Parians of a city.

The ancestral house is also referred as “Balay nga Bato ug Kahoy” by the Cebuanos as this house was made out of coral stones and wood.

9. Jesuit House of 1730 or Museo de Parian

Aside from Yap-San Diego Ancestral House and Casa Gorordo, the Museo de Parian is also one of the oldest houses in the country that was built at about centuries ago, probably, the same year when the Yap-San Diego was constructed.

With the presence of artifacts and antique materials, these were used as evidence by the historians and architects that this house was built way before 1730, tough the exact year is not yet clear when it was completed.

What makes this house a historic one, is because of its roof that is made of tisa or red clay tiles while the trusses supported a lot of marvelous carvings, made by the Chinese artisans.

10. Fort San Pedro

This historical landmark was a military defense structure built by the Spaniards headed by Miguel Lopez de Legaspi.Fort San Pedro is triangular in shape, with two sides facing on the sea, while the third one is facing on the land. The 2, 025 square meters fort was made of wood and built after the arrival of Legaspi and his expedition.

11. Museo Sugbo

This captivating infrastructure in Cebu City is located few blocks away from Fort San Pedro.

Museo Sugbo was once a Carcel de Cebu, the provincial jail of the province. This building is believed that most of the coral stone blocks from the Parian Church were used to build parts of the carcel.

After the transfer of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) to a more spacious and modern prison complex in the year 2004, the goal was converted to Museo Sugbo—the repository of Cebuano heritage—a feat that was realised when the first four galleries of the museum were inaugurated in 2008.

12. Taoist Temple

Cebu Taoist Temple became one of the iconic symbols for the Cebuanos. This temple is also considered as a symbol of the city’s large and prosperous ethnic Chinese population. This place is open for the public enabling the tourists to have a meditation spot when they want to exhaust all their tiredness from the city.

Upon entering the Cebu Taoist Temple, you can see that this building is surrounded by the dragon statues. In Chinese beliefs, a dragon for them, is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. This temple is the center of worship for Taoism, the religion that follows the principles and teachings of the ancient Chinese philosopher named Lao Tze.

13. Sirao Garden

This spot is one of the most visited places in the city because of its colorful landscape filled with various kinds of flowers.

Upon entering from the entrance, you will see a lot of flowers that blossoms together. Red, yellow, pink, orange–name all the colors you want to name, the flowers of Sirao Garden will show you. The most exciting part in the area is the wide-open hand that serves as your platform to see the entire landscape of the colorful garden.


14. Osmena Peak

It would be a nice Cebu experience if you will try trekking up to the summit of this hill. This spot is the most attractive mountains for those who are mountaineers because of the scenic view they see from above. The sea of clouds that freely flows like the water of the ocean is the most refreshing thing you will see from here every morning before or during sunrise.

15. Kawasan Waterfalls

One of the hidden gems of Cebu is the iconic Kawasan Waterfalls that lies in the municipality of Badian, a place located in the southern part of Cebu. This waterfall flaunts an amazing beauty of green bushes that surrounds the area. It is a peaceful natural place with a gentle hush of rushing cold waters. This is a multi-layered waterfalls located in Barangay Matutinao of the said municipality.

The iconic Kawasan Waterfalls is also popular because of its refreshing turquoise water. It is an attraction that sits at the foot of Mantalongon Mountain Range with about one kilometer from the car line of Badian and at least around four hours of walking from the Osmena Peak of Dalaguete. Cebu’s Kawasan Waterfalls consist of two main cascades and both has deep natural pools that are perfect for swimming. The first cascade is stands at about 40 meters while the other one is at about 20 meters and can be reached within 10 minutes of trekking.

16. Oslob Whale Sharks

Swimming with these gentle giants in Oslob is for sure, one of the best adventures you will ever have. However, if you really want to swim with these creatures, I suggest that you should be early in going to the site because there are a lot of tourists who also wants to be with these whale sharks. For the safety of both human and marine lives , tourists are advice to undergo first the five to ten minutes orientation of dos and don’ts. If you wish to put you sun block on before you plunge, better get rinsed before interacting with the whale sharks. Sunblock may cause harm to these giants.

17. Sumilon Island’s Sandbar

Sumilon Island is one of the most visited islands in the region. It is located in the south eastern part of Cebu province in the Municipality of Oslob. This island is just a 30-minute boat ride from the car line of the said municipality. The Sumilon Island of Cebu is 24 hectares in size flaunting a “now you see, now you don’t” powdery white sand bar. What makes this island different from the others is because of its refreshing crystal blue waters. The refreshing breeze of the air is also one of the things that you will enjoy your stay in this island.


18. Pescador Island

The Pescador Island is located specifically in the Tañon Strait, just a few kilometers from the western coast of the province of Cebu. The name of the island derives from the Spanish term “Pescador” which means “Fishermen”. The waters in the island is very abundant with fishes and other marine life living on the surrounding coral reef that attracts many fishermen.

Given the fact that Cebu Pescador Island is a marine sanctuary, scuba diving in this area is the top activity. You also get the chance to see the rare green sea turtle swimming around the colorful are of Pescador Island, but it only depends on the weather condition.

You can also do free diving here at Pescador Island and swim along with the famous sardine run. For sure, as you see these group of fishes swimming altogether, you’ll be amazed of how this marine sanctuary was preserved by the Cebuanos.

19. Simala Shrine

Be mesmerized by the miraculous and sacred place of Cebu. This shrine is considered to be the home the miraculous image of the Most Blessed Mother Mary. It is located in Lindogon, Sibonga, Cebu—an hour and a half away from the metro. The place is very popular to the believers and Marian devotes over years. However, it’s not just popular for being the home of the Blessed Mother—it’s also famous because of its structure that looks like a place.

20. Tumalog Falls

This spot is the most majestic treasure of Cebu. Hidden in the southern part of Cebu province, this alluring waterfalls captures the heart and attention of tourists because of its magnificent view surrounded by green bushes with birds flying above.

Tumalog waterfalls is just a 30-minute ride from the main road of Oslob, few meters away from the site where the gentle giants swim.


21. Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island, Cebu  provides satisfaction to the hundreds of tourists who visit here every day. The tranquillity of its crystal-clear water that crashes on the shoreline could give a relaxing sound to many. The fine white sand will be the witness of your happiness as you walk, run, and jump for joy. The wind that touches your skin is a fresh air that blows all your stress. Not just that. Malapascua Island’s weather is ideal for every backpacker who wants to be away from the busy metro. It is because this island is rarely hit by typhoons that enter the Philippine area—so, this means that you could visit the island any time of the year! No wonder why this magnificent island is described to be the little Boracay of Cebu.

Aerial View of Malapascua Island

22. Bantayan Island

Bantayan is one of the most visited islands in Cebu provine. This island became known to most of the tourists because of its alluring view and refreshing air. This island flaunts a powdery white sand and crystal clear water that’s perfect for the beach lovers.

Cliff diving is the top extreme adventures that most of the tourists do. Also, because of the abundance of marine life, snorkeling has made its way to be one of the water adventures to try while in the island.

23. Camotes Island

This magnificent group of islands possess wonderful beaches both touched and untouched. It’s the best island to start your journey when you want to do island hopping. This group of islands boast its pride as it became the sanctuary of different marine creatures. No wonder why this island has become one of the best diving sites in the province and in the Philippines.

24. Carnaza Island

This hidden gem of Cebu is a 173 hectares in size located in Daanbantayan, Cebu, the northernmost part of the province. Carnaza Island is one of the most alluring beaches in Cebu that is still complete in marine biodiversity. It’s no wonder why this island is perfect for snorkeling, scuba and free divig, or even just for relaxation. Why not try to visit this island? For sure, you will fell in love with the beauty it flaunts!

25. Kalanggaman Island

Famous with its stretched powdery white sandbar, Kalanggaman Island is now one of the top destinations of backpackers! Its pristine and cool waters is really perfect for those who love beaches. The palm trees planted on the island doesn’t only provide a shade for the tourists, but also to provide them a wonderful island experience because of the refreshing air it blows that touches the skin. Better get here wile it’s still new and a little bit of undiscovered! For sure, you will be enjoying every millisecond of your time while your feet is on its famous sandbar!

26. Cebu Safari

Located in Carmen, Cebu lies a jungle-like place. It’s where you can feel the African vibe and imagine like you’re in Serengeti (a wide place for wild animals). You don’t need your visa by just witnessing how wild animals live their life and the way they interact with one another. All you have to do is to book South Shore Tours and you’ll have your instant Safari experience!

These are just 26 spots where you can spend your day in Cebu. For more spots to be explored at an affordable price, just visit

Experience to travel to Cebu, you may customize your tour itinerary, please email us to or today.

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Cebu City Tour Itinerary – Suroy sa Sugbo

Cebu has it all! From ravishing beaches, island hopping, historical infrastructures, iconic city sights, colorful festivals, huge celebrations, and more. By just touring around the city, you can feel like your hopping from one country to another because every spots here in Cebu both natural and man-made has a lot of stories to tell to the people who visit the city.

Explore Cebu City like Dora the Explorer. Unleash the adventurer in you because Cebu City will let you witness its famous spots. Be amazed by these alluring sites that will make your dream to become a traveller come true!

Take time to hark-back what have happened during the time of the first hero of the Island of Mactan, experience the feeling of what is it like to be in the little Amsterdam of Cebu City, have the chance to be at the two overlooking temples of the city, take a house tour at the most historic house built along the city several years ago, and let the city lights drop your jaw as you step your foot on the highest landscape Cebuanos have made.

[Photo credits to: @phengermany]

Look back what happened in Mactan Island on April 27, 1521 when Magellan’s fleets took a stop in the island and how the Cebuanos fought and defeat this Spanish invader who happened to be responsible of bringing the Christianity in the Philippines. This war became one of the most commemorated battles in the country.

[Photo credits to: @bamsalinas]

Let Cebu City give you the feeling of being at home while you are the Casa Gorordo. This house was made of coral stone blocks and molave hardwood flooring. It is filled with century old paintings, antique furniture, costumes, religious images, and other stuff that were made in the 1800s.

[Photo credits to: @travel.shooter]

Get the chance to have an adventure with the dragons in one of the most iconic Taoist Temple of the city. This temple is considered to be the symbol of the city’s large and prosperous Chinese population. This is also a center of worship for Taoism, the religion that follows the principles of the ancient philosopher Lao Tze.

[Photo credits to: @ida.ptoptot]

Feel the vibe of being at the Amsterdam when you visit the Sirao Garden that is filled of the different kinds of blooming flowers. This site is very amusing as the vibrant colors of the flower gives a refreshing scenery.

[Photo credits to: @iya.aguastin]

Feel the cool breeze of the air even if the sun shines brightly as you take a step at the Temple of Leah. This temple is situated in the mountain that offers a panoramic view of the city.

[Photo credits to: @iamcalebsfairy]

Do not miss the feeling of being on top of the world as you take your eyes on the city lights while you are in the Tops of Cebu. This place is also one of the most visited sites in the city. The best time to go up here is at night and during full moon so you could feel like you’re watching the moon so close.

To know more other tour itineraries, you may visit

Cebu Canyoneering Kawasan Waterfalls Adventure

For sure, a lot of youths have already experienced going to pristine beaches, historical infrastructures, and have already hiked mountains to see the beautiful landscape of the earth. Young as we are, we all want to have a plot-driven life. We want to have an extraordinary adventure even once in a while. Come, join me as I reveal to you a place where you could check the adventures you want to experience from your bucket list.

[Photo credits to: @jordi_lp]

Cebu is a gateway not only to the places that we want to visit, but it is also a gateway to an extraordinary adventure we could ever have in our life. And yes! Some of extreme and fun adventures could also be found in Cebu. And one of these intense escapade is the famous Canyoneering.

[Photo credits to: @whereiseu]

Badian, Cebu is located in the southern part of Cebu province. This municipality offers not only pristine beaches. It also offers paramount water adventure that will surely be one of the most memorable experiences of those who want to try it. It’s what they call the canyoneering or canyoning in their iconic Kawasan waterfalls. This magnificent waterfalls became famous to the tourists because of its turquoise water surrounded by the lush green forests with the relaxing sound of the waters falling to its wide pool.

[Photo credits to: @shlshmsdn]

Fun fact based on the dictionary, canyoneering is a sport of exploring a canyon by engaging in such activities as rappelling, rafting, and waterfall jumping. And this water activity is one of the famous things you should try if you are going to visit Southern Cebu.

[Photo credits to: @elizali7]

Aside from canyoneering, Kawasan Waterfalls could also be the perfect spot for those who want to unwind, relax, and escape from the busy metro. Guests could also buy their snacks at the nearest stores in the area, but always make sure to leave no trace to maintain the beauty of these magnificent waterfalls.

The canyoneering starts in the mountain area of Badian and ends in the final level of Kawasan waterfalls. This activity does not only focus on jumping from a 40-feet high waterfall, it also includes hiking, water rafting, and climbing.

[Photo credits to: @threedaytriptips]

With regards to this, may I also suggest that even you are travelling in a group and wish to experience this water adventure, it still much better if you join a proper canyoneering tour so, your safety wouldn’t be compromised.

[Photo credits to: @signorenziesee]

How to get here? You just simply book a tour from South Shore Travel and Tours. They offer affordable tour packages that suits for your extreme adventure budget. They also assure to their guests to bring home an unforgettable Cebu South tour. Not only that, they’re also responsible when it comes to safety as this canyoneering activity as a little bit scary for some and for the first timers.

While we are still young, it’s not bad to go out from our comfort zone because some of the great experiences in life are beyond from the box where we are hiding.

[Photo credits to: @b_riveraaaa]

Down South 118 Resort Oslob, Cebu: A Place Like Home

With an amazing amenities and other offers, Cebu Down South 118 Resort in Oslob will, for sure, be the top list of your hotel to be booked if you are going to visit this province which is known as the Home of Gentle Giants in Cebu .

It’s going to be an amazing fun to swim together with the gentle giants in Oslob. Vacation will also become one of the greatest adventures you’ll ever have as you experience the cool breeze of the air and plunge your body at the amazing crystal-clear water of Sumilon Island. But, do you know what hotel to choose and what’s the best place for you to be feel at home? Simply choose to stay at the amazing beach resort in Oslob—the Down South 118 Resort!

Down South 118 Resort is just a pretty small hotel and resort located at Barangay Calumpang in Oslob. However, it’s a perfect place for you if you’re really are planning to have a vacation in the said province. Aside from its best amenities, this resort is not that far from the place where the whale watching site is located. Also, the best thing about this Down South 118 Resort is that it’s not crowded at all and the ocean is just a step away if you wish to go out at night to meditate or just have chit-chats with your buddy and chill.

What makes this Down South 118 Resort amazing is that all the rooms are facing at only one direction—and that is to the ocean. Rooms are not that posh like any other hotels, but at least, they make sure that these rooms are all equipped with all the essentials needed by their guests.

When it’s time for eating, Down South 118 Resort also has their mini restaurant where they prepare snacks and meals for their guests at an affordable and reasonable price. One thing is for sure, this this serves delectable dishes and their best delicacies. You should try eating in their mini resto!

Overall, I could say that Cebu Down South 118 Resort in Oslob is really a one of a kind! With all the stuff I have mentioned to convince you, there’s one thing that summarizes what makes this hotel and resort amazing—its rooms are affordable!

By getting there safe and fast, of course, don’t miss to book your Cebu South adventure at South Shore Travel and Tours. This agency will guide you to this very amusing place. Not just that, they will also make your heart jump for joy as they will let you fall in love with Oslob.

Do not waste your time by just browsing the net what place in Oslob can give you comfort. Down South 118 Resort will give you everything that you were looking for in an adventure. Fun, excitement, comfort, and delectable dishes? This hotel will be the one in-charge to give it all for you!

Pescador Island, Cebu: The Uncharted Paradise

I know, you also want to escape from the busy metro. Like me, you also want to soak your body to the cool and refreshing water of the beach. If not, you also like to see thousands of marine species underneath.

The Queen City of the South is not just rich in history, but is also rich when it comes to pristine beaches and white sand islands. Cebu is not just an ordinary place. Because for me, Cebu has a lot to offer both to tourists and its locals—may it be in man-made resources or in natural resources.

Lies in the southern part of Cebu is an island that is rich in marine life and attracts thousands of tourists and recreational divers. This island is very rich in marine life with over 2, 500 species of fish, and many of these can only be found only here in the pride of Moalboal—the Pescador Island.

[Photo credits to: @dcatbautista]

The Pescador Island is located specifically in the Tañon Strait, just a few kilometers from the western coast of the province of Cebu. The name of the island derives from the Spanish term “Pescador” which means “Fishermen”. The waters in the island is very abundant with fishes and other marine life living on the surrounding coral reef that attracts many fishermen.

While you’re still riding on the boat going to this magnificent island, a group of dolphins will join you in going to the island. But these dolphins are just a teaser of what you will see under the crystal-clear water of Pescador Island.

[Photo credits to: @gutsytuason]

Fine white sand is given, the fact that the most of the beaches and islands here in Cebu has its feature. However, when you plunge into the water and do the snorkelling, you’ll get to see thousands of species of marine life and colorful corals which serves as the natural habitats of the fishes living in the area.

[Photo credits to: @quovadisdiveresort]

You can also do free diving here at Pescador Island and swim along with the famous sardine run. For sure, as you see these group of fishes swimming altogether, you’ll be amazed of how this marine sanctuary was preserved by the Cebuanos.

[Photo credits to: @angelicawanders]

Given the fact that Cebu Pescador Island is a marine sanctuary, scuba diving in this area is the top activity. You also get the chance to see the rare green sea turtle swimming around the colorful are of Pescador Island, but it only depends on the weather condition.

[Photo credits to: @yehdeb]

Just a reminder, also be reminded to respect the nature and follow the rules. Pescador Island is strictly implementing the natural conservation to preserve its beauty.

To add, South Shore Travel and Tours have always been the best partner of every tourist. They make sure to take their guests fast and safe to a magnificent place like Pescador Island. Not only that, with South Shore Travel and Tours, you will fall in love to the place where they take you.

[Photo credits to: sho_nosuke]

What are you waiting for? Pack your things up now, and explore the Pescador Island because as long as you won’t explore its alluring and fascinating marine life that awaits you, Pescador Island will remain as the uncharted paradise within you.

[Photo credits to: @what_katie.did]

Nalusuan Island, Cebu: A Blissful Paradise

We want something extraordinary. Nothing, but the best to explore in life. Because we only live once, so we have to live and enjoy our life to the fullest. There must be no time to waste. Before the world ends, we have to meet everyone whether it’s a human or a life under the sea.

[Photo credits to: @y.aloha_rev1]

Life should not always be work, home, work, or school, home, school. Even once in a blue moon, it is a must for us to escape from our daily routine in life. We have to get rid of stress sometimes. We have to enjoy what the nature has in store for us. With this, I want you—yes, you! I want you to pack your things up, and join me to explore what Cebu has for you this coming holiday season!

[Photo credits to: @jalchika]

Cebu is not just an ordinary place. It is something beyond that. Because Cebu has a lot of pristine beaches and bountiful islands to offer. These islands and hundreds of beaches made Cebu a wonderful place for those who wants to escape from the busy city. One of the islands in Cebu that will give you a refreshing and relaxing ambiance is the Nalusuan Island located between the province of Bohol and Mactan Island. It’s where happiness are found.

[Photo credits to: @hellotheocean]

Fun fact, Cebu Nalusuan Island is a man-made resort island which measures close to a hectare. The said island was formerly known as “kalusuan” which means penises. Fishermen called the island that way because of the waters surrounding the island is teeming with the sea cucumbers which looked like the male genitalia.

From this island, you can also see the islands of Mactan, Olango, and Bohol. Here, you can go swimming or you can also rent a kayak boat. But if it is low tide, you can enjoy picking up some beautiful sea shells which will serve as you remembrance from the island or you can just walk towards the end of the island’s sand bar.

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The island is not only for picture-taking opportunities, it also offers snorkelling that allows you to see the marine animals living freely under the island’s crystal clear waters. To add, this island is also for those who are into scuba diving, because this island became a marine sanctuary. This island is perfect for those who want to see different kinds of marine life and colorful corals.

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With South Shore Travel and Tours, your island hopping adventure will become more memorable as they make sure that happiness of their guests should be their top priority. With that alone, for sure, they’ll make sure to let you fall in love with this island.

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Nalusuan Island provide not only snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities. Because once you are here in this island, you will also be able to learn how to preserve marine life. The way how the people in the island preserves its marine life is enough to raise awareness to the tourists on the importance of preserving marine resources to ensure that the future generations can still benefit the gift of the sea. With the beauty it offers and the way how the people conserves its marine resources, this blissful paradise will surely take you to an extraordinary island vibe!

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Pandanon Island Cebu: A Heaven-like Paradise

Cebu is undeniably the queen when it comes to pristine beaches. Its beauty has the power to amaze thousands of people. No wonder, why Cebu is still one of the best places on earth where island hopping is the top activity.

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This coming holiday season, for sure, we all want to spend it nice and wise. We want to spend the season together with our friends or family in a place where we could share thousands of memories with them. With this, I’ll share you one of the best islands in Cebu that will surely make you the happiest this holidays!

Lies between Cebu and Bohol is an island that possess a powdery white sand and crystal-clear water. With its magnificent view and relaxing mood, this island will surely take you to an unforgettable island hopping adventure. Wondering what’s the name of this island? Come, take a big leap and create memories at Pandanon Island!

Pandanon Island is known to be one of the most-visited islands in Cebu. Aside from its pristine waters and fine white sand, it’s just an hour or two away from the city. And with that, it makes the island interesting for tourists because of its accessibility. Specifically, Pandanon Island Cebu is located east of Mactan, south of Olango Island, and north from the mainland of Bohol.

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Like many other islands, the top activity here in Pandanon Island is swimming and sunbathing. Also, if you want to experience an extraordinary water adventure, you may rent a jet ski, however, the price is quite big.

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On the other hand, what make Pandanon Island of Cebu unique is because of the white-column ruins of a functional structure. This ruins will catch your attention while you are approaching the island. Also, Pandanon Island has also its narrow sand bar that rises during low-tide. If you also want place where you could put all your things and foods, there are cottages for rent available in Pandanon Island at an affordable rate.

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If you want to make your island hopping safe and easy, just contact South Shore Tours Cebu. They’re the one who will make sure that you’re island hopping adventure is not waste of time, but a memory worth remembering. Not only that, they will make sure that you’ll fall in love with the place where they take you, especially here in Pandanon Island.

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See how amazing this Pandanon Island is? With all the things you see in this island, you can actually say that Pandanon Island is a heaven-like paradise because of its magnificent view towards the horizon where the sky and the sea meets. Its refreshing ambiance serves as an open palace where everyone can enjoy and relax after having a long day at the busy city.

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Caohagan Island, Cebu: A Heavenly Place

When we are stressed from work or from school, the first thing that gets into our mind is to go island hopping. If not, to go to a place that we can consider it as “heaven on earth”. We all want to stamp our feet and leave a foot mark on the beach’s white sand and soak our body on the refreshing water with the heat of the sun kissing on our skin.

Cebu has proven a lot of things when it comes to history and tourist’s spots. Its pristine beaches that attracts most of the tourists from across the globe manifests of why Cebu is known to be the Queen City of the South. Come and join me as I will let you see and experience the one of the magnificent islands of Cebu—the Caohagan Island!

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Caohagan Island, Cebu is one of the islets in Olango Island located few hours from Lapu-Lapu City. The magnificent Caohagan Island is pretty small, but still deserves a visit as it flaunt its wholesome beauty that will let your jaw drop.

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The Caohagan Island is really perfect for those backpackers who are looking for an island where people are easy to deal with, an island that offers a lot of seafood to eat, and of course, an island that is strict enough to protect its marine life which makes the island a bountiful place for both the tourists and the people who lives in there.

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Caohagan Island’s beauty lays out it powdery white sand that touches your sole. This alone can remove all the stress you had from the city, what more if you plunge your whole body to its crystal-clear and calm water and swim with hundreds of marine life that lives underneath the seawater of the island.

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When you feel like it’s getting hotter, worry not, because the Caohagan Island’s tall and huge trees will save you from the heat of the sun to kiss your skin and will provide you a cool and refreshing air that will let you feel that you are away from stress.

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Of course, it’s not enough if you just keep on taking photos in the island. You must also try going to the market called lab-asan where they display and sell their fresh from the water seafood. Also, you should not miss buying their souvenir items that could remind you all of the best things happened in Caohagan Island!

How to get there easily? Well, South Shore Travel Cebu will make it more safe and easy for you. They will let you feel the island vibe and enjoy while you’re still away from the busy metro.

Caohagan Island Cebu will surely make you much happier as this island will let you experience an exciting island hopping adventure. From its fine white sand to its crystal-clear water, and down to its colorful coral reefs and marine life, this island will really make your jaw drop and say “Caohagan Island is truly a heaven on earth” one shouldn’t miss to experience.

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