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The Siargao Island Tour Philippines – Take An Amazing Break  At Siargao Island

Take An Amazing Break  At Siargao Island

In the south of the Philippines is an island altogether secured with palm trees. It flaunts the best waves in the nation and draws in surfers from everywhere throughout the world. While the island is known as a surfing hotspot, there are such a large number of magnificent activities in Siargao that don’t include the waves. Here is a definitive Siargao bucket list! This tropical island is an unquestionable requirement visit for anybody visiting the Philippines. Here are five reasons why.

1.    Surfing – Siargao Island is the surf capital of The Philippines. Siargao Island is the surf capital of The Philippines and perhaps the best spot to surf in Asia. Its mark break is called Cloud9, and most resorts are situated inside its region. Surf competitors are held two times every year. A three-level survey deck furnishes surf lovers with a unique vantage point to watch the activity very close. There are various other significant breaks around the island, for example, Guyam Island, Jacking Horse, and Tuesday Island. On some random day, local people know precisely which spot is the best contingent upon climate conditions.

2.    Beaches- Siargao island has stunning, isolated beaches. Beaches are what the Philippines is well known for, and Siargao Island has a lot of it. Among Could9 and the town of General Luna, you’ll discover a few kilometers of white sand. As Siargao Island hasn’t been found by the majority yet, you’ll need to impart the shoreline to a couple of local people, the odd pooch going by and the always present Hermite Crabs. Close-by islands like Daku Island, Guyam Island and Naked Island are additionally honored with immaculate shorelines, making Siargao Island a paradise for beach bums.

3.    Sohoton Caves- the Sohoton Caves is a remarkable Natural Reserve. A three-hour boat ride away from the town of General Luna lays the Natural Reserve of the Sohoton Caves. A few tidal ponds lie in the middle of rough slopes, secured by lavish tropical vegetation, associated with the sea by a few conduits. The zone includes various caverns that can be entered distinctly during low tide, one of which can be left by hopping off a 20-feet precipice. To wrap things up, non-closefisted Jellyfish occupy one of the tidal ponds. Dive in the iridescent water to watch these unusual yet agreeable animals from very close.

4.    The people- Siargao’s inhabitants, are the absolute friendliest individuals around. Siargao Island’s occupants greet guests wholeheartedly. Kids will wave energetically at tourist passing by. At night, chime in with local people in one of the karaoke bars.

5.    Jungle Disco- Gathering with local people in the wilderness! Even though Siargao Island doesn’t have a lively nightlife, there is where you can show off your triumphant move moves. Covered up between the palm trees lies the Tattoo Bar, or as I like to call it, the Jungle Disco. Each Friday night individuals from the encompassing towns accumulate here to let free and taste on the privately created Tanduay rum or some Jungle Juice.

Amaze With The Glamouring Scenes of Boracay Tour Island Package

Boracay Tour Island Package

Everyone cherishes the powdered white sand, clear waters, and tropical sceneries of Boracay Island. This is one of the ideal excursions for the individuals who appreciate a get-away loaded up with fun and constant celebrating. Enjoy with every delightful breakfast in the solaces of one of the esteemed inns in the Island and find the magnificence of its white sand beaches and blue waters. Touch off that gathering soul and join the lively night parties in the comfort that you want. So who said living this Island dream was unthinkable? When you consider Boracay, you as a rule genuinely believe White Beach. Shoddy lodgings in Boracay are accessible adjacent to keep you near where the activity is. White Beach is impressive for its miles and miles of cream-hued sand. It’s ideal for swimming, unwinding, and notwithstanding shopping – a combination of shops can be found toward the beach focus, so it is anything but an issue on the off chance that you overlook your sun salve in your lodging.
Further north lays Puka Beach, a calmer area than White Beach however no less lovely. Puka Beach is known for being an incredible spot to assemble puka shells, just on the off chance that you’re hoping to bring home any keepsakes. On the off chance that you need something somewhat gutsier, you could generally lease a vehicle in Boracay and head out to see the scene further inland.



boracay island

boracay island



Must do in Boracay:
1. Sunset Cruise with water Activities- Boracay’s sunset is a fabulous sight to see, and what better approach to appreciate the view than by cruising over the sea. Jump into the perfectly clear waters, have a go at paddle boarding, and find the various marine life and beautiful coral reefs underneath you.
• Sail out from White Beach to see the delightful sunset from the water
• Appreciate different water exercises including paddle boarding and swimming
• Take extraordinary photographs with all-encompassing perspectives on Boracay as the sun goes down
2. Island and Beach-Hopping Boat Tour with Snorkeling- Go island hopping on this boat visit around the island of Boracay. Visit islands and beaches, for example, Crocodile Island and Puka Beach, where you can go swimming and swimming. Attempt a local- style buffet for lunch.
• Explore the excellent close-by islands by boat beginning from Boracay
• Explore local colorful marine natural life and biological systems while swimming free waters
• Splash up the warm sunbeams at Boracay’s celebrated beaches
• Devour a nearby fish dinner with a perspective on the islands and clear waters
• Advantage from two or three drop-off choices toward the finish of the boat visit
3. Jet Ski Experience– Be adventurous and ride a jet ski while appreciating the delightful coastline off Boracay’s White Beach. Select either a 30-moment or 1-hour alternative and understand the surge of this fun water sport. Figure out how to drive a jet ski and watch team individuals showing traps.
• Submerge yourself in the adrenaline surge as you speed crosswise over clear blue waters


Experience The Best Diner with Loboc River Cruise Bohol

The Loboc River Cruise Bohol


Beaches, they get all the consideration. Everybody who comes to Bohol points to remain as near as conceivable to Alona and White Beach. Be that as it may, along the Loboc River, in the island’s luxurious inside, you’ll locate an alternate world: green, glinting, alleviating and odd all in the meantime. Loboc Bohol is home of the celebrated Loboc Children’s Choir, Loboc is a tranquil region that is world popular to its important waterway which is appropriately called Loboc River. This river is one of the cleanest streams in the nation. This is the one place of interest you would prefer not to miss during your Bohol Tours. The water keeps running down from the slopes and mirrors the fascinating greens of the abaca plants developing along the banks. The stream the snakes to the ocean in long, sensuous curves. Little towns and cottages are concealed on the water’s edge. There are waterfalls and cold springs, extensions and boats, and trees that sparkle with fireflies at dusk. The Loboc River Dinner Cruise begins by the Loay Bridge which is situated in the neighboring town of Loay or at the Loboc town appropriate where you can look over an assortment of stream cruising vessels. The Loboc River cruise, for the most part, keeps running for an hour or so back and forth.

This is an incredible feasible decision for families, couples, or any individual who simply needs to see another piece of the Philippines and be near nature. Loboc River Resort has a provincial café directly on the stream where you can appreciate delicious Filipino dishes and breakfast by the water. There’s a pool with loungers, a few chickens free to move around at will, a monkey island, fishponds, a little perusing and WiFi niche, bancas and kayaks for lease, and best of all – a supernatural firefly visit after dull. Something I adore most about remaining in Loboc is being close to the local’s individuals and perceiving how they live their lives. For instance, promptly in the first part of the day, a little boat ferries children over the river so they can go to class. They go five or six at any given moment, and they need to stand in the light of the fact that there is not sufficient space to sit. On the river, you will pass b-ball games in real life, individuals angling, and families coming back to their homes by boat with another sack of rice. There’s genuine tranquility to Loboc that describes a significant part of the Philippines. The water is so inconceivably green (Loboc River is one of the cleanest in the nation), and something is charming about cruising past waving fronds and feeling the stream breeze while somebody sings, ‘Country Roads’ in a Filipino inflection.
It takes roughly one hour by accessible transportation from Tagbilaran city, and around 40 minutes travel by private transport, for example, a van or v-employ. Loboc town is found approximately 24 kilometers from Tagbilaran City.



Come and Join The Most Exciting Cebu Travel and Tours


cebu travel and tours

cebu travel and tours

Cebu Travel and Tours

Cebu is the middle point around which the Visayas turn. It is the most thickly populated island in the Philippines. The travel industry numbers are impacting, Cebu draws practically two million outside explorers a year.
West 35 Eco Mountain Resort-The street going up to the spot is not simple as the name justifies itself with real evidence, 35 km from the city. In any case, you won’t lament the course up as it gives you a lovely view of what’s beneath – in the town. It gives you a disregarding perspective on the city lights and gives you a glimpse see of the ocean side. People love to take photos of this regular view as it provides an impression of being over the world. West 35 Eco Mountain Resort is the ideal break of the city life, congested roads and swarmed individuals. Here, you can tune in to the sound of the cold wind blowing and watch the development of the mists and appreciate incredible photos of the sky, particularly during dusk. If you are with your family and you bring your children along. You can give them a chance to enjoy the play area. They have playground equipment, hanging scaffold, slides and shrewd courses like circles, haggles

The Basilica Minore Del Sto Nino– The Annual Cebuano Festival of Sinulog commends the Miraculous Holy Child of Jesus. The Holy symbol that is found in the Basilica Del Santo Nino is just about 500 years of age. Travelers and tourists run to the Basilica to supplicate and visit. The Basilica is one of Cebu’s loved Historical Landmarks. There is a little historical center found nearby that you ought to likewise incorporate into your Itinerary. The Minor Basilica of the Holy Child of Jesus has a storied past. It is the central Roman Catholic Church worked in the Philippines. It follows its underlying foundations to the foremost Spanish pilgrims who arrived in the Island of Cebu.

Terrazas de Flores in Cebu– Another spot to go in the upland area of Cebu is “Terrazas de Flores,” Cebu’s just Botanical Garden. It is situated in Barangay Malubog, Busay, Cebu City. Only 900 meters from La Tegola Restaurant and crosswise over Malubog Elementary School when going to Balamban. Its target is to get to the world’s phase to exhibit the Cebuano garden and to the implant to the general population the affection for plant science. The opening of Terrazas de Flores added to the work and vocation of local people. Terrazas de Flores Cafe is additionally opened to serve hot and cold drinks, for example, espresso, tea, soft drinks and squeezes just as sandwiches and baked goods exceptionally made by the townspeople.
Whale shark/ Tumalog falls – Try not to miss the most excellent fish and mammal in the ocean to take the risk to swim with the Oslob whale sharks. From that point forward, loosen up yourself and witness the stunning perspective on Tumalog Falls, a 300 ft high waterfall which is additionally an incredible spot for taking astounding pictures.


Experience Cebu Travel and Tours with Southshoretours!

Cebu Travel and Tours

Cebu is the center point around which the Visayas rotate. It is the most thickly populated island in the Philippines. Tourism numbers are blasting, Cebu draws very nearly two million outside explorers a year. The island’s prime attractions are its white-sand beaches and dynamite diving, mainly off the northern tip of Cebu at Malapascua and down on the southwest coast at Moalboal. What’s more, don’t overlook much-maligned Cebu City, which has exuberant bars, rising diners, and thriving retail appeal.

Oslob whale shark encounter- The Beauty of Cebu reinforces when one district in the South catches the enthusiasm of one’s exceptional experience for the Tourist from the marvels of nature, history and an extreme involvement with the Gentle Giants, “The Whale Sharks” or “Butanding” what local people called it just in Oslob, Cebu a 117 kilometers from the City.

Canyoneering adventure– The visit will take you to the town of Badian, 110 Kilometers off the southwest of Cebu. Prepare for an adrenaline surge! Bounce off 20-foot high cascade to enter the ravines, jump and swim in calm and profound tidal ponds, scramble down under large stones, appreciate the original slide and trek on waterways, rocks, and rough trails. End the experience with a dive at the glorious Kawasan Waterfalls

Cebu Safari Adventure and Country Side– As the principle fascination of the safari, our fuzzy and feathered companions live in a domain that emulates their everyday living spaces. Park-goers will become more acquainted with progressively about them as though they were in nature.

Cebu City tour– Visiting around Cebu City made economical and straightforward. Make new companions while on a routine visit, appreciate the city’s prominent, religious, and social site. In Cebu City, visit celebrated like the Philippine Taoist Temple, Heritage of Cebu Monument, Mallegan’s Cross, Basilica Minore del Santo Nino, and Heritage of Cebu Monument.

Cebu Sky adventure– The EDGE COASTER circumvents the edge of the structure while riders are bolted onto a rail situate. High above at the 38th floor of the pinnacle, riders can enjoy a fantastic scene of the whole Cebu scene 130.84 meters over the ground. SKYWALK EXTREME – Experience strolling around translucent glass flooring on the edge of the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers with an overhead wellbeing bridle at the first external edge of the building,126.55 meters high over the road.

Bantayan Island– A one of a kind Island Sightseeing Tour in Bantayan Island including lunch and nourishment tasting during the visit. Appreciate the flavor of Bantayan Island and visit the well known and furthermore secret spots of a standout amongst the loveliest Islands in Central Visayas. We will give you a chance to meet the traditional culture of the Island.

Sumilon Beach Resort– Gain admittance to Bluewater Sumilon Beach Resort, a top of the line resort situated on the southern tip of mainland Cebu Recommended for families and companions, you can either choose between a weekday or end of the week occasion in heaven Explore Sumilon Island.

Be With The Best Cebu Tour Operator, Southshoretours!

Cebu Tour Operator

Cebu is the queen city of the south. By becoming familiar with Cebu’s history, culture, and the economy, you would come to cherish Cebu. A standout amongst the most visited places by tourist in the Philippines in Cebu. For quite a long while, Cebu has kept on being flooding with visitors local people as well as outsiders, as well. Cebu has fantastic white sand beaches and waterfalls. Also, the city itself is loaded up with different vacation spots. What’s more, progressively lovely places offer energizing undertakings.

1. Cebu City – Take a walking visit to the city. Visit the Basilica del Sto. Niño, the nation’s most seasoned Roman Catholic Church. The Church houses Sto. Niño’s (Christ tyke) statue whom

bring honor amid Sinulog, a social and religious celebration. Remaining alongside the Basilica is Magellan’s Cross, an image of Christianity. Not a long way from here, Fort San Pedro is a military barrier structure amid Spanish colonization. Since Cebu has an unbroken fellowship with the Chinese, Taoist Temple is available to people in general. See and experience some Chinese convention.
2. Oslob-A three-hour heads out from the city, Oslob has been known for its shocking shorelines. Today the most discussed fascination in Oslob is the whale shark viewing. The quantity of visitors visiting Oslob develops each year in light of the action. Another particular spot to visit in Oslob is Tumalog Falls. The entrancing falls are unquestionably worth a visit. For beach sweethearts, you’ll completely adore Sumilon Island. For day trippers, an island bouncing is immaculate in any case, for the individuals who wish to remain medium-term, contact the island’s sole resort the hotel has sumptuous convenience and offices.
3. Moalboal – Need outdoors by the beach? Moalboal shoreline is undoubtedly the spot to be. If you wish to stay outdoors, particularly amid the night, bring your tents and go through the night by the shoreline. Sit tight for the stars and begin tallying them. You’ll unquestionably finish up checking more than you anticipate. Star looking is such a sentimental action. Amid the day, go on an island hopping to Pescador Island. Sardine run, dolphin watching, and turtle point swimming are the best.
4. Mactan- When you land from the plane, you are in Mactan. It has numerous hotels and resorts where you can remain amid your get-away in Cebu. The shorelines in Mactan are likewise incredible. Would you like to encounter parasailing? Look at your hotel’s administrations because a large portion of them are putting forth shoreline undertakings for their visitors to appreciate. The most widely recognized exercises incorporate the banana pontoon ride, swimming; stream skiing, an island excursion.
5. Mantalongon Dalaguete- The best source of vegetables is situated here. Heaps of bins of plants are being transported ordinarily to the city and will be sold in the business sectors. The cold climate around the local area helps in empowering the vegetables to develop ultimately. If you are up for a climbing background, climb Osmeña Peak, the most astounding top in the South.

Join the trail of the Wonderland of Osmena Peak!

Osmena Peak

Osmeña Peak is said to be one of the unique focuses on the island of Cebu, a territory in the Philippines. Standing 1,013 meters above ocean level, this shocking site offers an interesting perspective on spiked precipices with a perspective on the ocean out yonder. Local people frequently compare the view to Bohol’s Chocolate Hills. Be that as it may, rather than rolling bent hills, the slopes here have sharp distending pinnacles. Set amid the limestone bluffs, the slopes look like a field of colossal green Hershey’s Kisses.

How to get Osmena Peak from City

Take a transport destined for Oslob or Santander at South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. Transport passage is about PHP 106 and travel time is around 3 hours. Tell the conductor and additionally driver that you will get off at Dalaguete intersection for Osmeña Peak. Tourist spots are 7Eleven, and Julie’s Bakeshop is fronting one another at Mantalongan.

At Dalaguete intersection, ride a habal-habal (motorbike) straightforwardly to Osmeña Peak trailhead. The toll is PHP 100 for every individual one way, and the motorcycle can suit two people, so on the off chance that you are distant from everyone else, you need to pay for two (PHP 200 for each way). To disentangle, PHP 200 for each way for every motorbike to Osmena Peak. Roundtrip motorbike charge is PHP 400, useful for two people. Travel time is around 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

At the hopping off point to Osmeña Peak, vacationers/climbers need to sign at the Osmeña Peak Tourism Center/Hiker’s Center (see photograph beneath) and pay the Osmeña Peak extra charge of PHP 30 for every individual. Always request official receipt.

Locals will also approach you, there is no controlled guide charge, and the guide will in all likelihood disclose to you it’s up to you, however for the most part PHP 150 for each guide will do.

Climb to Osmeña Peak summit from the bouncing off point is around 20-25 minutes as it were. The climb is genuinely straightforward, by a wide margin my least challenging climb.

In fact, Mantalongon in Dalaguete is considered the “Little Baguio of Cebu” with its productive land, more refreshing atmosphere and vegetable fields. En route, we saw ranchers conveying substantial bins of naturally gathered vegetables. The Mantalongon vegetable market is the bagsakan or discounts exchanging post for cabbages, carrots, chime pepper, and different vegetables.



Additional Information

    • While going up the trail, travel on solid surfaces. Walk single record amidst a setup trail, notwithstanding when wet or sloppy.
    • Pack out all refuse, extra sustenance, and litter. Discard squander properly. Leave what you find. Leave plants, rocks and other characteristic items as you discover them.
    • For those outdoors, abstain from structure open air fires. Utilize versatile stove/burners instead since dry grass bursts into flames effectively, and flame can occur without much of a stretch spread through any dry vegetation.
    • Be accommodating of different guests. Regard various guests and ensure the nature of their experience by staying away from uproarious voices and splits from different guests.


Dive with the Oslob Whale Shark with South Shore Tours!

Oslob whale shark

Experience the most out of control experience in Cebu! Swim with Oslob Whale Sharks. Your experience will begin with a beautiful drive to Oslob. This drive may take as long as 4 hours from Cebu City yet we are sure that you will concur the voyage is justified, despite all the trouble.


l   BY BUS: From the South Bus Terminal (close Emall), ride a Ceres transport going to “Bato-Oslob“. All transports destined for Oslob work every minute of every day. Transport charge is ~₱155/head (single direction). Educate the driver to drop you off at the principle Whale Shark movement site.

l   Via CAR: Road trips are fun, particularly in case you’re going south. Make a point to explore through Waze or Google Maps and set your goal to “Oslob Whale Shark Watching“.

l   BY VAN RENTAL/TRAVEL AGENCY: If you need a problem free outing and need to make the most out of your excursion, it’s ideal to book a movement organization.

Step by step instructions to swim and snorkel with the Whale Sharks In request not to exasperate the delicate giants while you are in the water, remember the accompanying:

  1.     Enter the water tenderly and swim rapidly (with least of sprinkling) towards these delicate animals
  2.     Make certain have your head in the water, yet looking forward (not down). Perpetually, the Whale Shark will swim inside 1-2 m of the surface so check in front.
  3.     When you enter the water and spot the whale shark swim out to the side, taking a situation to the side and behind the pectoral blade.
  4.     Try not to confine the development or conduct of the shark.
  5.     Swim alongside by the shark, being certain to give adequate space to your kindred Eco tourists to likewise observe the shark.
  6.     Every one of the vessels utilized in the action, at the sustaining zone, are
  7. paddled utilizing wooden paddles — leaving no hurtful synthetic compounds not at all like pontoon propellers.
  8.     Try not to endeavor to contact or ride the whale shark
  9.     When taking photographs, do not use your flash.
  10.     Stay no less than 4 m from the tail of the shark; and 3-4 m from the head.
  11.   The Whale Shark Watching visit gives numerous advantages including, however not restricted to, giving a bigger source of pay and work to a town that generally has a high joblessness rate and furthermore a thump on impact for the whole economy of Cebu. It energizes the nearby and outside guests alike to advocate in the conservation of the Whale Sharks and limits the angling of these delicate giants in numerous nations.

One of the principle fascination of Oslob, Cebu is the whale shark viewing. A charge of P500.00/per individual is required for this movement. The charge incorporates a real existence vest, a bangka” ride, and swimming gear. An underwater camera is accessible for lease at P500.00. This experience will would just take 30 minutes. TIP: Do not overlook your surge protect.

The Paradise of Carnaza Island..


Summer vibe is here! The aromatic sea breeze that excites the system. The skin that wants to be kissed by the sun. The work-worn physique that needs to be refreshed. You need a golden getaway! Guess what? You need Cebu! Cebu is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Philippines by different kinds of travelers.

Cebu is the place that can offer you a summer bliss. A moment to capture and to remember. A paradise. To have these, the excellent place for you is the Alluring Island of Carnaza.

Fascinating Carnaza Island.

Carnaza Island is a 174 hectares (430 acres) wondrous turtle-shaped island located north of the mainland Cebu in the Philippines. Bordered with all sides by the Visayan Sea, and is part of Daanbantayan, Cebu.

What to expect from Carnaza?

The turtle-shaped face of Carnaza Island has still been a mystery to many people even to those who are living in the municipality for quite a long time, (perhaps it is a carcass of an ancient giant turtle, morbid yet dramatic, yes?).  The distance and accessibility are among the reasons why there are not many tourists in the area. However, they are not considered as the reasons to not visit the place. It is the other way around. The mystery of the island entices both local and international tourist.



Things you can do on the island:

If you are this type of traveler that values peace to relax then the Island of Carnaza is the perfect place for you. The island is quite huge so feel free to explore. The island does not only have white sand beaches but also has a beautiful deep blue sea. You can experience snorkeling with all your heart’s content and even cliff jumping that can sucker-punch every beat of your heart, in the right way (you will feel more alive I assure you).

Some parts of the place is a total replica of Disney forest wherein you will feel like Snowhite or maybe the Huntsman, traversing the mysterious, nerve-wracking, heart-pounding woods of Carnaza Island. It also has a swamp, a lake, a twin beach, and a runway as well. It is like living in a dream with your eyes wide open. The experience you will be having will be not only majestic but also magical.

The place also offers picturesque views that are “instagramable” or for personal keeps. Whatever tickles your fancy. Since the Carnaza Island is vast, you can hike and take a look to the spectacular areas of the island (with the help of a tour guide of course), you can get a variety of themes for your background concerning your mood. Your escapade on the island will be life changing!

How to get to the island?

No problem, SOUTH SHORE TRAVEL, AND TOURS got your back!

From the hired van to get to the breathtaking Carnaza Island up until to the place to stay, we got it all covered. They will even organize your itinerary from A-Z for more convenience on your part if you live in a distant place, no worries! We can book ferry tickets or even plane tickets for you. Moreover, we can arrange a hotel reservation to accommodate your stay. It’s going to be a hassle-free and affordable trip.

SOUTH SHORE TRAVEL & TOURS is the best Travels and Tours, and YOU DESERVE THE BEST.



Amaze with Disney land!


The dream will soon come true; the fairytale of all generation will be realized. It will be reachable and with less hassle. Are you feeling what we’re feeling?

YES! DISNEYLAND IS HERE. It is within the realms of possibility because it will be put up in Cebu the Queen City of the South! Where in Cebu, you ask? In Alaska, Mambaling. Yes, there is no mistake on what you read. Alaska Mambaling, Cebu Philippines is the exact location for the new Disneyland. Isn’t it amazing? This calls for celebration folks!


What to expect?

Disney Characters will be tangible at last! The princesses like Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Mulan, and many more will be there. The way they sing in lovely sopranos will be witnessed. The fabulous outfits that always catch the kids’ hearts and make them the concept for uncountable birthday parties. It will be festive, for their existence alone brings overflowing joy.

The handsome male characters like Prince Charming, Aladdin, Prince Naveen, Flynn Rider, and numerous others will most likely make the ladies swoon. We are sure that many feet will be swept off. Many hearts will pound with excitement, and lots will be stolen as well.

The infamous Maleficent, Ursula, and a lot more will be present. Their dark aura will balance the light ambiance of other characters (yin-yang). The adorable mice Mickey and Minnie, and the not-so-ugly Ugly Duckling will showcase their friendly personalities. The list goes on. These will surely enliven the souls of many earthlings.

How much is the budget?

Disneyland Philippines has a jaw-dropping investment budget of US$1 Billion for the said project. The Walt Disney Company perceive that Cebu is an ideal strategic location due to its geographic location where it lies between Luzon and Mindanao. In these areas air, land, and sea transportation are feasible, making it perfect for both local and foreign amusement and entertainment goers.

Many tourists have witnessed already how astounding Cebu, Philippines is. The perfect white-sand beaches, the delicious delicacies, the hospitable people, and the magnificent sceneries. Cebu indeed is one of most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. Once you experience the wonders of Cebu, you will want to experience more. You will not regret it because Cebu will never cease to amaze you.

When is the big event?

June 31, 2019, is when the groundbreaking event of history will take place and is set to kick off. The executives from Walt Disney US will be there, and the Philippine president will be part of the ceremony as well. Many distinguish visitors will participate in this momentous event.

The prospected opening will be on April 1, 2022, in Alaska Mambaling. Don’t miss this significant activity that will aid the progress of our beloved country, the Philippines. After all, we are talking about Disneyland where possibilities are limitless.

How to get to Disneyland?

(Sprinkling of Fairy-dust effect) Worry no more! SOUTH SHORE TRAVEL AND TOURS got it all covered from A-Z. From booking the comfortable place, you’ll stay in up to the transportation going to the happy home of Disneyland in Alaska, Mambaling. It’s going to be a hassle-free and affordable trip.

SOUTH SHORE TRAVEL & TOURS is the best Travels and Tours, and YOU DESERVE THE BEST.