Cebu has always been one of the most visited places every year. This is because of its alluring tourists both natural and man-made. It’s no wonder why this place in the Philippines is called as the Queen City of the South.

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Filled with pristine beaches, abundant islands, and majestic waterfalls, Cebu is now a one of a kind. This coming holiday season, many of us are going to vacation to visit a place that prepared something great to experience and make our holiday season worthwhile.

One of the places in Cebu that deserves a visit is Alcoy. This three-hour ride place from the city has a stunning beach with powdery white sand and sun-sparkled azure waters. It also became the pride of the municipality as hundreds of tourist flock anytime of the day. This place is called Tingko Beach.

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Tingko Beach is characterized as an extensive stretch of arcing shoreline with fine white sand and crystal clear water fringed with coconut palm grooves and limestone cliffs. What makes the beach unique is because it is situated in a small deep lagoon across a coral island called Mabad-on Reef which is completely submerged during high-tide and exposed during low tide. This area is actually perfect for wading, searching sea shells, and snorkelling.

Aside from Tingko Beach’s relaxing scenery, tourists and locals visit this place because it’s a budget friendly. At an affordable price, you can enjoy the serenity it provides and you can also take a snap already.

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This beach is also perfect for friends and family. Here, you can do picnic while enjoying the place and spending the day well with them. But always remember to leave no trace in the area to be able to protect and preserve its amazing view.

If you are into history, this beach also has its Banatayan sa Hari which is a Spanish-built watch tower on a promontory situated just beyond the northern part of the beach. It is a historic site where you can enjoy the memory of this people’s struggles for safety. It’s just not a historic site, this could also be romantic for couples who wish to see the panoramic view of the beach.

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With South Shore Travel and Tours, going here wouldn’t be a hustle-bustle experience. They’re very accommodating with their guests and they assure every tourist’s safety. Not only that, they also make sure that their guests won’t be disappointed rather, they make their guests fall in love with the place.

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Even once in a while, go on a travel and visit a place which you think can offer you best just like Tingko Beach. This beach may not be like Boracay, I can assure you that by the budget that you have right now in your pocket, you can still enjoy its relaxing ambiance. Let this beach be included in your bucket list. Waste no time, pack your things now and enjoy this amazing white sand paradise of Cebu.

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