Summer vibe is here! The aromatic sea breeze that excites the system. The skin that wants to be kissed by the sun. The work-worn physique that needs to be refreshed. You need a golden getaway! Guess what? You need Cebu! Cebu is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Philippines by different kinds of travelers.

Cebu is the place that can offer you a summer bliss. A moment to capture and to remember. A paradise. To have these, the excellent place for you is the Alluring Island of Carnaza.

Fascinating Carnaza Island.

Carnaza Island is a 174 hectares (430 acres) wondrous turtle-shaped island located north of the mainland Cebu in the Philippines. Bordered with all sides by the Visayan Sea, and is part of Daanbantayan, Cebu.

What to expect from Carnaza?

The turtle-shaped face of Carnaza Island has still been a mystery to many people even to those who are living in the municipality for quite a long time, (perhaps it is a carcass of an ancient giant turtle, morbid yet dramatic, yes?).  The distance and accessibility are among the reasons why there are not many tourists in the area. However, they are not considered as the reasons to not visit the place. It is the other way around. The mystery of the island entices both local and international tourist.



Things you can do on the island:

If you are this type of traveler that values peace to relax then the Island of Carnaza is the perfect place for you. The island is quite huge so feel free to explore. The island does not only have white sand beaches but also has a beautiful deep blue sea. You can experience snorkeling with all your heart’s content and even cliff jumping that can sucker-punch every beat of your heart, in the right way (you will feel more alive I assure you).

Some parts of the place is a total replica of Disney forest wherein you will feel like Snowhite or maybe the Huntsman, traversing the mysterious, nerve-wracking, heart-pounding woods of Carnaza Island. It also has a swamp, a lake, a twin beach, and a runway as well. It is like living in a dream with your eyes wide open. The experience you will be having will be not only majestic but also magical.

The place also offers picturesque views that are “instagramable” or for personal keeps. Whatever tickles your fancy. Since the Carnaza Island is vast, you can hike and take a look to the spectacular areas of the island (with the help of a tour guide of course), you can get a variety of themes for your background concerning your mood. Your escapade on the island will be life changing!

How to get to the island?

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