Oslob whale shark

Experience the most out of control experience in Cebu! Swim with Oslob Whale Sharks. Your experience will begin with a beautiful drive to Oslob. This drive may take as long as 4 hours from Cebu City yet we are sure that you will concur the voyage is justified, despite all the trouble.


l   BY BUS: From the South Bus Terminal (close Emall), ride a Ceres transport going to “Bato-Oslob“. All transports destined for Oslob work every minute of every day. Transport charge is ~₱155/head (single direction). Educate the driver to drop you off at the principle Whale Shark movement site.

l   Via CAR: Road trips are fun, particularly in case you’re going south. Make a point to explore through Waze or Google Maps and set your goal to “Oslob Whale Shark Watching“.

l   BY VAN RENTAL/TRAVEL AGENCY: If you need a problem free outing and need to make the most out of your excursion, it’s ideal to book a movement organization.

Step by step instructions to swim and snorkel with the Whale Sharks In request not to exasperate the delicate giants while you are in the water, remember the accompanying:

  1.     Enter the water tenderly and swim rapidly (with least of sprinkling) towards these delicate animals
  2.     Make certain have your head in the water, yet looking forward (not down). Perpetually, the Whale Shark will swim inside 1-2 m of the surface so check in front.
  3.     When you enter the water and spot the whale shark swim out to the side, taking a situation to the side and behind the pectoral blade.
  4.     Try not to confine the development or conduct of the shark.
  5.     Swim alongside by the shark, being certain to give adequate space to your kindred Eco tourists to likewise observe the shark.
  6.     Every one of the vessels utilized in the action, at the sustaining zone, are
  7. paddled utilizing wooden paddles — leaving no hurtful synthetic compounds not at all like pontoon propellers.
  8.     Try not to endeavor to contact or ride the whale shark
  9.     When taking photographs, do not use your flash.
  10.     Stay no less than 4 m from the tail of the shark; and 3-4 m from the head.
  11.   The Whale Shark Watching visit gives numerous advantages including, however not restricted to, giving a bigger source of pay and work to a town that generally has a high joblessness rate and furthermore a thump on impact for the whole economy of Cebu. It energizes the nearby and outside guests alike to advocate in the conservation of the Whale Sharks and limits the angling of these delicate giants in numerous nations.

One of the principle fascination of Oslob, Cebu is the whale shark viewing. A charge of P500.00/per individual is required for this movement. The charge incorporates a real existence vest, a bangka” ride, and swimming gear. An underwater camera is accessible for lease at P500.00. This experience will would just take 30 minutes. TIP: Do not overlook your surge protect.