Palawan El Nido Tour Package


Situated on the northern tip of Palawan’s central island, El Nido is viewed as the feature of most Philippines excursions. Considered as heaven, and the vast wilderness of the Philippines, it is one of those different spots that have kept up its characteristic excellence. Find the miracles of El Nido with our visit bundles including the must-see features of this district of Palawan.
El Nido is unquestionably Palawan’s Most Popular Tourist Destination. It has turned out to be acclaimed for its fabulous scenes with its transcending limestone columns, shrouded tidal ponds and little islands beaten by woodland that ascent from the emerald waters of the Bacuit Bay. Its abundant marine greenery supplements the site’s exceptional beautiful magnificence.
El Nido is additionally reestablished for its shocking shorelines, from 7 Commandos Beach and Las Cabanas known as Sunset Beach, to progressively isolated and somewhat lesser-known stretches of sand, as Duli Beach and Nacpan Beach. Here you can discover an assortment of El Nido visits bundles – from day trips, plunging, swimming treks, and multi-day visits bundles that join the must-see attractions of El Nido with different goals in Palawan.

What to do in El Nido?
El Nido offers the best island hopping on the planet, untouched white-sand beaches, world-class scuba diving, and extravagant beachfront hotels. What else would you be able to need from your vacation? It’s hence that El Nido is referred to in different touring publications as the best island on the planet.
Island Hopping in El Nido- comprises of the three lagoons of Miniloc Island, Shimizu Island, and Seven Commandos Beach. Miniloc Island is a little island with a private resort. However, it’s most famous for the Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, and Secret Lagoon. You can swim and snorkel in every one of them. These lagoons are encompassed by tall limestone precipices shrouded in greenery, giving the presence of a natural cathedral. The ponds are among the best sights you will see while island hopping anyplace on the planet. Shimizu Island and Seven Commandos Beach are two stunning tropical islands with white sand beaches, just as coral reefs near shore where you can spot fish and turtles.
• Scuba Diving in El Nido- There are upwards of 30 dive locales around El Nido. The more significant part of these is solely off the islands of Bacuit Bay—Cadlao area, Entalula Island, Miniloc, Paglugaban, and Matinloc. Among the principle, attractions are a divider that drops down to 40 meters, enthusiastic coral gardens, inclines, and loads of marine life. This area is protected from winds by the tall limestone precipices, which make the water quiet and clear, and ideal for apprentices and propelled divers alike. On the off chance that you’re not guaranteed at this point, El Nido is a standout amongst the best places to take a course. It is likewise an ideal chance to improve your diving abilities as the clubs here are exceptionally proficient, with cutting edge educators and new and looked after rigging.

Small Lagoon El Nido