Bantayan Island is located in northern Cebu. As of the year 2010, Philippines continually establish little tourist spots that make this country a well-known one.  Bantayan Island is one of the places in the Philippines if you need to unwind and make tracks in the opposite direction from the urban life for a short time. The clear waters of the sea, the beautiful white sand, the laid back condition, and friendly locals to make this island a vast and tranquil summer escape goal.

To get there, land travel from City of Cebu to the port takes more than 3 hours and another hour and a half ferry ride gets you to Bantayan. The long trip is worth it, I can say. Based on my experience, I can share the following tips to make your stay worthwhile, and more comfortable.

1. It’s the beaches is the main reason why people travel to Bantayan. Even though a top goal in Cebu, it is not as crowded compared to other islands like Boracay, however despite everything it has its island vibes. The shores of Bantayan are fixed with these shorelines with resorts, particularly in Santa Fe. Hence, most shorelines convey the name of the hotels. Famous Beaches in Bantayan are Sugar Beach, Alice Beach, Beach Placid, and Kota Beach.

  1.  Being an island, visitors can appreciate either dawn or dusk, whichever they favor more. While most islands have staggering sunset, Bantayan Island being one of them, the island has post-card flawless dawns. Turn on the alarm and start your day with a beautiful sunrise along the beachfront of the island’s eastern side. It’s the golden hues until the magical blue hour- appreciate the serenity and calm as another beautiful day in Bantayan is ending.

  1.  See the island at your very own pace by renting a bicycle for a couple of hours or a day. For those who want to explore and feel the adventure of  the back-roads of the aisle, motorcycles or scooters can also be rented out. See what most tourists never get the chance to see like swamplands, coconut- lined soil streets, rice paddies, and sleepy villages.

  1. Based on research, the island was one of the first to be evangelized in the Philippines by the Spanish.  Bantayan’s St. Peter & Paul parish is a colonial heritage church built from coral stones. This congregation likewise filled in as a stronghold against slave attacking more pirates.

  1. Although an island itself, on its eastern coast is smaller islands that rouse the curiosity of some travelers, Silion Island or Virgin Island is exclusive with a fish haven. Enjoy the famous snorkeling and fish feeding while on Virgin Island.

For all these reasons and ideas as mentioned above, Bantayan will remain a fantasy if you will not try either one of these things. You better check it out yourself as to how beautiful the island is and what is the effect of the scenery to you. You will never know unless you try anyway.