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The Paradise of Carnaza Island..


Summer vibe is here! The aromatic sea breeze that excites the system. The skin that wants to be kissed by the sun. The work-worn physique that needs to be refreshed. You need a golden getaway! Guess what? You need Cebu! Cebu is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Philippines by different kinds of travelers.

Cebu is the place that can offer you a summer bliss. A moment to capture and to remember. A paradise. To have these, the excellent place for you is the Alluring Island of Carnaza.

Fascinating Carnaza Island.

Carnaza Island is a 174 hectares (430 acres) wondrous turtle-shaped island located north of the mainland Cebu in the Philippines. Bordered with all sides by the Visayan Sea, and is part of Daanbantayan, Cebu.

What to expect from Carnaza?

The turtle-shaped face of Carnaza Island has still been a mystery to many people even to those who are living in the municipality for quite a long time, (perhaps it is a carcass of an ancient giant turtle, morbid yet dramatic, yes?).  The distance and accessibility are among the reasons why there are not many tourists in the area. However, they are not considered as the reasons to not visit the place. It is the other way around. The mystery of the island entices both local and international tourist.



Things you can do on the island:

If you are this type of traveler that values peace to relax then the Island of Carnaza is the perfect place for you. The island is quite huge so feel free to explore. The island does not only have white sand beaches but also has a beautiful deep blue sea. You can experience snorkeling with all your heart’s content and even cliff jumping that can sucker-punch every beat of your heart, in the right way (you will feel more alive I assure you).

Some parts of the place is a total replica of Disney forest wherein you will feel like Snowhite or maybe the Huntsman, traversing the mysterious, nerve-wracking, heart-pounding woods of Carnaza Island. It also has a swamp, a lake, a twin beach, and a runway as well. It is like living in a dream with your eyes wide open. The experience you will be having will be not only majestic but also magical.

The place also offers picturesque views that are “instagramable” or for personal keeps. Whatever tickles your fancy. Since the Carnaza Island is vast, you can hike and take a look to the spectacular areas of the island (with the help of a tour guide of course), you can get a variety of themes for your background concerning your mood. Your escapade on the island will be life changing!

How to get to the island?

No problem, SOUTH SHORE TRAVEL, AND TOURS got your back!

From the hired van to get to the breathtaking Carnaza Island up until to the place to stay, we got it all covered. They will even organize your itinerary from A-Z for more convenience on your part if you live in a distant place, no worries! We can book ferry tickets or even plane tickets for you. Moreover, we can arrange a hotel reservation to accommodate your stay. It’s going to be a hassle-free and affordable trip.

SOUTH SHORE TRAVEL & TOURS is the best Travels and Tours, and YOU DESERVE THE BEST.



Amaze with Disney land!


The dream will soon come true; the fairytale of all generation will be realized. It will be reachable and with less hassle. Are you feeling what we’re feeling?

YES! DISNEYLAND IS HERE. It is within the realms of possibility because it will be put up in Cebu the Queen City of the South! Where in Cebu, you ask? In Alaska, Mambaling. Yes, there is no mistake on what you read. Alaska Mambaling, Cebu Philippines is the exact location for the new Disneyland. Isn’t it amazing? This calls for celebration folks!


What to expect?

Disney Characters will be tangible at last! The princesses like Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Mulan, and many more will be there. The way they sing in lovely sopranos will be witnessed. The fabulous outfits that always catch the kids’ hearts and make them the concept for uncountable birthday parties. It will be festive, for their existence alone brings overflowing joy.

The handsome male characters like Prince Charming, Aladdin, Prince Naveen, Flynn Rider, and numerous others will most likely make the ladies swoon. We are sure that many feet will be swept off. Many hearts will pound with excitement, and lots will be stolen as well.

The infamous Maleficent, Ursula, and a lot more will be present. Their dark aura will balance the light ambiance of other characters (yin-yang). The adorable mice Mickey and Minnie, and the not-so-ugly Ugly Duckling will showcase their friendly personalities. The list goes on. These will surely enliven the souls of many earthlings.

How much is the budget?

Disneyland Philippines has a jaw-dropping investment budget of US$1 Billion for the said project. The Walt Disney Company perceive that Cebu is an ideal strategic location due to its geographic location where it lies between Luzon and Mindanao. In these areas air, land, and sea transportation are feasible, making it perfect for both local and foreign amusement and entertainment goers.

Many tourists have witnessed already how astounding Cebu, Philippines is. The perfect white-sand beaches, the delicious delicacies, the hospitable people, and the magnificent sceneries. Cebu indeed is one of most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. Once you experience the wonders of Cebu, you will want to experience more. You will not regret it because Cebu will never cease to amaze you.

When is the big event?

June 31, 2019, is when the groundbreaking event of history will take place and is set to kick off. The executives from Walt Disney US will be there, and the Philippine president will be part of the ceremony as well. Many distinguish visitors will participate in this momentous event.

The prospected opening will be on April 1, 2022, in Alaska Mambaling. Don’t miss this significant activity that will aid the progress of our beloved country, the Philippines. After all, we are talking about Disneyland where possibilities are limitless.

How to get to Disneyland?

(Sprinkling of Fairy-dust effect) Worry no more! SOUTH SHORE TRAVEL AND TOURS got it all covered from A-Z. From booking the comfortable place, you’ll stay in up to the transportation going to the happy home of Disneyland in Alaska, Mambaling. It’s going to be a hassle-free and affordable trip.

SOUTH SHORE TRAVEL & TOURS is the best Travels and Tours, and YOU DESERVE THE BEST.


Spend an outstanding adventure through Mactan Island Hopping

Mactan Island Hopping. The Mactan Island of Cebu, Philippines is the first to accommodate you on your Cebu visit upon landing on the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. Mactan Island has been known for its history known as the frequently told story of the Battle of Mactan wherein 1521, a Portuguese explorer named Ferdinand Magellan arrived onshore but was killed by the Mactan Chief Lapu Lapu.

Mactan is located off the coast of the island of Cebu where it is a home of Cebu’s high-class resorts and restaurants. The island also showcases white sand beaches, and Mactan is best known for its island hopping experience that tourists surely don’t want to miss.

One of te best significant islands of Mactan is Pandanon Island, which is one of the many islands in the Visayas known for its sandbars, white sand beaches, and clear waters. Big boat rentals and medium-sized boat rentals are available at different rates. The island is 120 minutes away from Mactan Island and on the way to Pandanon, you will see different islands that surround Cebu, and you will be able to have a peek of Bohol. Another island worth visiting is the Hilutungan/ GIlutungan Island Marine Sanctuary. The island is one of the best places for beginners in snorkeling and diving. It is the oldest marine life protected area where conservation efforts have been consistently exerted to experience the best collection of aquatic species in the island. However, despite the conservation done on the island, the local government still allowed tourism in the area. Nalusuan Island of Mactan is a human-made haven located between the province of Bohol and Mactan Island. Nalusuan is part of the group that forms the Olango group of Islands. The island is a marine sanctuary. The guests can stay on the island depending on the availability of the amenities for their stay.

You also don’t want to miss the Caohagan Island. Caohagan is famous for its long stretch of white-sand beach. Aside from the beautiful waters of the island, it is also known for its fresh seafood such as clam, fish, lobster, seashell, etc.You might also have heard about Olango Island. Olango is not just a single island but a group of 7 islands namely: Olango, Sulpa, Guilotongan, Nalusuan, Caohagan, Camungi, and Pangan-an. Olango’s 920 hectare Island wildlife sanctuary is a good visit during the winter months falling from November to December when 48 migratory birds coming from Siberia, Japan, and Northern China make stops. It is not the usual best-visit-during-summer-months, unlike the other islands. You can also join planting Mangrove trees at the Payag sa Asinan Eco Tourism Park. Olango also offers scuba diving on its three major dive sites: Mabini Point, Baring, and Santa Rosa.

Mactan Island is indeed a beautiful island to discover and explore. Its rich history which matches the rich marine diversity and excessive efforts on conservation allowed tourists to see the best version of the island, making Mactan one of the leading tourist spot destinations not only in the Philippines but also internationally.