Oslob Whale sharks Swimming

Imagine the lovely sun and the white sand shores. Imagine the dark blue sea and its calm waves. Imagine swimming with the whale sharks in these crystal waters as if almost touching them.

Well, imagine no more. Oslob will take you to see these wonderful whale sharks which are locally known in the region as “butandings”.

The whale shark is largest known fish species in the world. They are quite slow because of their size. They simply feed by filtering the sea that they swim through. Whale sharks are mostly see in open waters of tropical oceans. As such, the warm-temperate seas throughout the year in Oslob has made it a perfect place for the Whale sharks to visit.

Oslob has grown to become one of Cebu’s most popular tourist destinations because of its famous Whaleshark Encounter activities. Despite the municipality’s serene landscape, Oslob is bustling with the flock of tourists coming in to visit every day.


Tourists Around the World

Because of the number of local and foreign tourists coming in, the local government had to regulate the visits to protect these gentle sea creatures. They deploy trained staff to the visiting area and make sure that the boatmen have equal opportunities in ferrying the tourists to the sea. Tourists must pay a fee of P 500.00 or P 1,000.00 for locals or foreigners respectively. We know the fee seems quite a lot but getting that perfect underwater selfie with the Whaleshark is certainly worth it.


Guidelines for Whale sharks Encounter

When you get to the area, you will be given an orientation about what will happen. Listen carefully to the dos and don’ts or you might end up paying some penalties. You can pay the fee I mentioned earlier before or after the orientation. After which, you choose your life vest and patiently wait for your turn to get on a boat. Other swimming equipment are also available for a rental fee. Best if you bring your own items with you just to be sure.

The boat is quite small so the waves will feel strong. Once you are in the designated area, the fishermen will call upon the Whale sharks by luring them with some food. As mentioned earlier, once they arrive and you are now in the sea, never miss the opportunity to take an underwater selfie with the awesome Whale sharks.

Finally, you do not need to imagine everything anymore as Oslob holds the key to seeing your dream sea creature. Oslob holds a special place with Whale sharks and you will sure do too.

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