Mantayupan Falls

Some traveller are looking for another water falls in Cebu south. I know about Mantayupan Falls from my dear  friends. It is located at Campangga, Barili, Cebu South.
Me and my friends went there and we hired a car from, based on my experience, Mantayupan is really nice, it has  98 meters or 321.518ft long.


Tips and Guide

It is best to go there on weekdays if you want less crowd and of course if you want to take  good pictures without photo bombers you should go there on weekdays. I am sure you don’t like photo bombers in your photos for instagram or facebook. Travel time from Cebu City to Mantayupan is more or less 2 hours,  it depends the driving skills of the driver and the traffic situation. Don’t worry the road going to Mantayupan is good, not roughy roads like the face of your friend, lol..kidding. When you arrived there, you are going to pay the entrance fee Php30 per head if Filipino,  Php40 per head if Foreign or Non Filipino. You may also rent a life vest for Php20 per head if you want to swim, it is mandatory, you can’t swim without the life vest. 


About Mantayupan Falls

Take note, before you reach the Mantayupan Falls you are going to walk more or less 5 minutes from entrance and cross the hanging bridge, the bridge is nice and some people will get scared. Don’t worry besh, the bridge is durable. You may take photos in the bridge just this one.. pak na pak besh, 

When you reached Mantayupan Falls, you can  take photos  and swim. There’s available bamboo raft there, so if you want to use the bamboo rafting, you may pay Php100 per head with guide.

You may stay there as long as you want. Mantayupan falls will be closed up to 7pm. So you should get early.


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