Canyoneering adventure in Kawasan Falls is an absolute knee-trembler in the core of the Philippine rainforest, face your fears of trepidation as you freefall 50m into freshwater pools and chill under Kawasan Falls. Kawasan Falls is a trio of pleasant cascades, standard, and tidal ponds, open through wilderness trails on the Philippine Island of Cebu. Situated in the town of Badian, it is located around 130 km southwest of Cebu City and 1 hour from Badian.


In joining this activity, you have to be aware of the following:




Meet your guide at the movement base in near Badian for this canyoning experience at Kawasan Falls! Suitable for brave novices, the visitor will begin off with short wellbeing instructions and pack check – hopping into an extraordinarily adjusted 4×4 activity truck for an exchange to the beginning of the gorge. After a short nature trail through the rainforest, groups will pursue their instructor down a progression of cascades and falls – cannonballing into freshwater pools, swimming down rapids and scrambling along the limited gorges. Visitors can appreciate a without abseil experience that requires no past rope/climb understanding. Instead, you will get the chance to encounter Kawasan Badian National Park and waterfalls in freefall – pushing your breaking points as you jump from knee-trembling statures and empowering the remainder of your gathering to have a go! When you achieve the primary pool at Kawasan, you can appreciate a customary Philippine lunch and an opportunity to go swimming, as well – returning to the base camp where your experience will end.



Kawasan Falls is viewed as a pure gorge because of the absence of rope work or abseiling – however, is fit to adventurous beginners. During the length of the gully, there are quit regions with stepping stools for any individual who does not wish to take an interest.

Rappel: N/A

Jump: 10m

Slide: 10m

Swim: 20m

Minimum 13 y/o

Starting time: 8:00 am, 12:00 pm,

Cancellation policy: flexible

Activity RequirementsParticipants must know to swim to avoid accidents.

The activity takes 4-5hours. You should have the will and the stamina to do this. The canyon is so beautiful, and the water is so bright and emerald blue. The trail varies on how stable the water momentum is. Security dependably starts things out. Never remove your protective cap and lightness coat when on water or trekking on huge tricky rocks. Continuously pursue your guide on the dos and dont’s they let you know, they’ve officially done it a hundred of times, and they’re the master on the landscape. You may get scratches and wounds; however, you couldn’t care less because it is such an enjoyable experience. Numerous bounces and slides are experiencing the ravine, and each will stick in your memory, mainly that last hop which is around 60 feet.




Toward the finish of the experience, you get the opportunity to see the wonderful Kawasan falls and swim in the waterway. Must do activity while you’re in Cebu.



Seize the Canyoneering Adventure in the paradise of Kawasan Falls with your partner.