Holidays are coming. For sure, many of us are thinking what place is the best for the whole family or friends. We are also looking for a place where everything we want is already there. Worry no more because the biggest theme park in Cebu is already open to the public.

The Anjo World Theme Park has finally open its door to everyone. With amusement and thrilling rides in the park, for sure, everyone who will come to visit this place will be fall in love. Not only that, this theme park also offers food parks—no should be hungry after riding their 12 amusing rides!

This Anjo World Theme Park is located at Belmont One Commercial Complex in Minglanilla, Cebu. This biggest and amusement park in Cebu can offer a lot to its visitors as this park features different theme zones from the continents of the world, namely: Europe, Asia, America, and Africa—all in one place!

Each continent features their famous icons. In the European zone, you can talk and walk around on its busy streets; in the Asian Zone, you will be dazzled and amazed through its colorful streets. You could also feel like you are in America as you visit their iconic tower of liberty. You may also have an adventure with the wild animals as you walk along the African jungle.

Upon entering this world-class Anjo World Theme Park in Cebu, you’ll see its eye. They consider their huge and lofty Ferris Wheel as the eye of the theme park because even though you are still outside of this wide-hectare park, both of you are staring from each other.

This tour inside the happiest place in Cebu was made possible by South Shore Cebu Tours. Everything was smooth and easy. For sure, traveling and experiencing a tour with this agency will become one of the memorable adventure you’ll every have!

With the experience and happiness at Cebu Anjo World Theme Park, for sure, you will realize how much important it is to spend more of your time with your whole family and friends. Have fun now in the happiest place in Cebu where you can feel like you are traveling in the four continents of the world in just one setting.